NTMA is the preferred producer of competent, responsive, and socially committed Merchant Marine Officers to the NYK Group through a holistic maritime education by 2027.


We at NYK-TDG Maritime Academy provide holistic maritime education to produce competent and qualified Merchant Marine Officers to the NYK Group through outcomes-based education, values inculcation, leadership development, as well as concern for the protection of the environment.

Quality Policy

NYK-TDG Maritime Academy (NTMA) is committed to provide quality maritime education through modern facilities and upgraded equipment located in an environment conducive to development and learning; empowered faculty members who have the passion to educate; and an outcomes-based, competency-based, and industry-driven curriculum that meets the local and international industry standards for the satisfaction of stakeholders and customers.

Thus, we shall consistently and continuously produce quality graduates who possess and demonstrate the NTMA Exit Competencies to become world-class merchant marine officers and engineers.

Quality Objectives

Towards the full realization of this Mission, NTMA will:

  • Provide each cadet the opportunity of 12-month shipboard training;
  • Provide continuing maritime education and training to upgrade the quality of seafarers to become management level officers and engineers;
  • Conduct extensive research to address maritime issues and concerns;
  • Actively explore opportunities for the advancement of the maritime profession based on the results of relevant research and development in the field, and;
  • Actively participate and promote activities to support preservation of the environment.

DBP Endowment for Education Program
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