Tuition and Fees

Schedule of Tuition fees

NTMA offers the following payment plan options for school fees:

    • Full payment upon enrolment;
    • Two (2) installments within a semester (Upon enrolment and before preliminary examinations);
    • Four (4) installments within a semester (Upon enrolment, before preliminary, mid-term and final examinations); and
    • Monthly installments within a semester.

download Tuition Fees Table

Mode of Payment

Payment can either be made through cash, bank transfer or checks payable to NYK-Transnational Institute Foundation, Inc. (NTIF). Enrollment will be official and valid only after the check has been cleared. Credit cards and out-of-town and post dated checks are not accepted.


DBP Scholarship Grants

The Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) has established the DBP Endowment for Education Program (DEEP) to grant financial assistance to deserving high school graduates who have performed well academically but are financially challenged as the come from the ransk of underprivileged Filipino families.

Qualified applicants will have to pass all qualification requirements of NTMA prior to interview by the DEEP Project Team and or designated representative. Application form and other requirements shall be issued by NTMA to candidates upon passing the entrance examination and oral test of the NTMA Examiner.

Student Application Form for AY 2020-2021:
We are pleased to announce that, our Student Application Form for AY 2020-2021 is now available. Thank you!
DBP Endowment for Education Program
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