Guided by its mission, NTMA envisions graduates with strong academic background that will be productive members of the society, and most of all, enhance the tradition of excellence in the maritime profession in the Philippines.

Committed to serving the nation, a “Study-Now-Pay-Later” program is in place to give opportunities to young Filipinos a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fulfill their dreams of becoming merchant marine officers and help their family to have a better life.

Admission Requirements

  1. Filipino, male, and single
  2. High School Graduate or Senior High School Graduate, as applicable, upon enrollment
    (College level/graduates also welcome to apply)
  3. Not more than 22 years of age upon enrollment
  4. 5'2" in height and weighs 45-61 kgs
  5. Passed the NTMA Recruitment and Selection requirement to include:
    • 50% Score in Admission Test
    • Declared fit in Medical, Dental, Eye, Audio, and Neuro Psychological Examinations
    • Pre-enrollment Briefing
    • Immersion Period


    Why Choose NTMA?
    • Guaranteed Shipboard Training with US Dollar monthly allowance
    • Guaranteed Employment onboard NYK Line Vessels
    • “Study Now, Pay Later Program”


Student Application Form for AY 2020-2021:
We are pleased to announce that, our Student Application Form for AY 2020-2021 is now available. Thank you!
DBP Endowment for Education Program
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