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With its commitment to service excellence, NTMA has partnered with SMART Communications in order to have its own InfoBoard services customized to the needs of its stakeholders. Through this, cadets and parents can request and retrieve from NTMA through their celluar phone vital information such as the following:

    * Grades, tuition balance,exam and enrolment schedules, among others
    * Official advisories and announcements from NTMA

It is as simple as sending a text message-request to 700NTMA (7006862) using the following keywords and format:

For Schedule of Enrolment
Enrol[space]PULL[space][Cadet No.][space][School Year][space][Semester]
Example: ‘Enrol PULL 0001 2009-2010 2nd’

For Examination Schedule
Exam[space]PULL[space][Cadet No.][space][School Year][space][Semester]
Example: ‘Exam PULL 0001 2009-2010 1st’

For Grades
Grades[space]PULL[space][Cadet No.][space][Password][space][School Year][space][Semester][space][Term]
‘Grades PULL 0001 pword 2009-2010 2nd Prelims’

For Online Grades Password
OGPW[space]PULL[space][Cadet No.]
‘OGPW PULL 0001’

For Tuition Balance
Balance[space]PULL[space][Cadet No][space][Schoolyear][space][Semester]
‘Balance PULL 0001 2009-2010 1st’

For School Holiday
Holiday[space]PULL[space][Cadet No.][space][School Year][space][Semester]
‘Holiday PULL 0001 2009-2010 2nd’

For NTMA Entrance Examinations Schedules (for incoming freshmen)

-Please be informed that recruitment for incoming freshmen for the Academic Year (AY) 2018-2019 is now closed. The schedule of recruitment for AY 2019-2020 will be announced in July 2018. Thank you.

-Please be informed that our offices will be closed on Friday, 2018 April 20 in observance of the 17th Anniversary of the Cityhood of Calamba. Regular office operations shall resume on Monday, April 23.

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