Air-Conditioned Classrooms
All classrooms except for those being used for workshop purposes are fully air-conditioned. Each room can accommodate a maximum of 30 cadets at any given time.  It is equipped with 30 chairs with 30 matching tables for the individual use of cadets.

Audio-Visual Room (AVR)
A tiered classroom located at the Academic Building is the designated place for audio-visual presentations and other special functions of the Academy.  It has a 120-seat capacity and is equipped with state of the art audio-visual equipment including a facility for conference calls.

The Cafetorium provides nourishing food to NTMA administration, guests and Cadets. As a Cadet, you are entitled to three (3) meals a day while officially enrolled in the Academy. Aside from the regular three meals service, you may order additional food for a fee which you must pay upon ordering. All guests/visitors of the Cadets are charged for meal service. 

During dining, cadets shall observe table etiquette and avoid unnecessary noise.  They are not allowed to take their meals in any place other than at the Cafetorium.

Computer Laboratory
NTMA has a dedicated Computer Laboratory with 30 stand alone computers.  Computer users are expected to observe proper decorum and proper handling of the computer units and its peripherals. Games are not allowed in the Computer Laboratory.

Dormitory Rooms
The NTMA Dormitory provides you with safe and wholesome accommodation within the Academy with common toilets and shower rooms. It has a separate building consisting of 90 rooms which can accommodate 360 cadets at any given time.  Each cadet is assigned a complete set of berthing gears including mattresses, lockers, and bunks.  He is also tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that the complete set of berthing gears assigned to him is taken cared of properly.  In cases of losses or damages, he must report the same to his Ship Officer. You will be sharing the room with three other Cadets. Thus, silence should be observed at all times in respect to the privacy of your roommates and fellow Cadets.

It serves as a venue for athletic activities, recreations, PE instructions and certain activities that promote health, wellness and social interaction. Cadets may visit the gymnasium on weekends and during their free time.

Inside the NTMA campus is an Infirmary with a nurse on duty.  The Infirmary has a six-bed capacity where cadets can be treated in isolation for not so serious illness or given first aid treatment prior transfer to a nearby hospital.

Laundry Room/ Drying Area
Laundry facilities are being provided by the Academy for you to use in washing your uniforms/clothes. You can also avail of the laundry services being offered for a minimal fee.

NTMA maintains an air-conditioned library located at the Dormitory Building. It can be accessed from 0830H to 2000H Monday to Friday, however, extension until midnight can be arranged with the Librarian. The Library contains extensive and updated collections of books, tapes, CD’s, DVD’s, magazines, periodicals and other informative materials for the use of the Cadets and Faculty. It is equipped with 50 computers using wi-fi local area networking system and it provides an area for group discussion, group research work and individualized study system.

Cadets must handle Library property with care, to include the Cyber Nook and computer peripherals. Losses or damages to Library properties (books and computers) through negligence will be charged against the account of the cadet responsible for such loss or damage.

Cadets’ Station
The Cadets Station is a gathering area for Cadets to relax and socialize with each other. The lounge also serves as an area for scheduled group meetings.

Speech Laboratory
A fully-equipped Speech Laboratory is intended to supplement languages instruction in the classroom. Except in subjects where Filipino is required, the medium of instruction is ENGLISH and all Cadets MUST develop proficiency in its use.

Swimming Pool
A Cadet can use the swimming pool during P.E. class or during free time provided that permission has been secured from the authorized personnel. Proper swimming attire is required and a “buddy system” must be observed when using the swimming pool for safety purposes. The diving platform and Basic Safety Equipment such as Lifeboat, Davit and Gantry Crane should not be use without permission.

Visitors’ Lounge (Inside Dormitory Building)
It is a venue for reception and entertainment of off campus guests and family members.  Cadets can receive guests during free time and weekends only. No visitors will be allowed to roam around the Academy unless approved by the concerned authorities. NTMA reserves the right to refuse admission of guests for security reasons or may deem necessary by the authorized personnel.
Other facilities use to facilitate learning include  the following :

  • Bridge Simulator Room
  • Chart/Drawing Room
  • Electrical Room
  • Engine Room
  • Engine Workshop
  • GMDSS Communication Training Room
  • Radar/ARPA Simulator Room


Counseling Services
Counseling Services are critical to a boarding school like NTMA.  Through purposive interaction between a Cadet and a Guidance Counselor, problems, concerns or difficulties are shared and discussed in strict confidentiality.  The basic purpose of this service is to help the Cadet manage his own problem.  This may be done individually or in group as the case may be. 

The Guidance Counselor may also organize seminars, talks, individual or group discussions regarding personal, social, emotional and career concerns.

Medical & Dental Services
It promotes, develops and maintains physical and mental health of the school population. A Dentist and a Medical Doctor are available on call basis to service the Medical and Dental Clinics of the Academy.

General Services
It maintains the cleanliness and orderliness of the facilities to make the environment conducive to learning and to promote environmental concern. However, every Cadet is encouraged to help maintain the premises clean.

Information Service
For inquiry and additional information, you can visit

Security Services
It provides protection and welcoming reception within the Academy and immediate vicinity.


Student Application Form for AY 2020-2021:
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